Welcome to Château de Fins

Nestled in the beautiful rural countryside of the Loire valley, in the department of Indre, this enchanting estate is situated right on the border (thus its name) of the two provinces Berry and Sologne, both ingrained with a rich historical and cultural past.

Surrounded by 40 hectares of woodland, meadows and the river Fuzon that meanders gently through the grounds, Chateau de Fins provides you with the serene ambiance to unwind.

Feel at home in our lovingly decorated interiors where stylish country charm meets comfort, creating an ideal retreat for friends and family.

Embrace every unique season as we extend a warm welcome to our guests year-round. Discover our grounds where each season paints a unique canvas to admire. Explore our enchanting region with its friendly atmosphere, ensuring your stay is filled with warmth and hospitality, no matter the time of year.

  We are here to help you tailor special occations and cherished moments for family & friends and for larger groups throughout the year.

We offer exclusive access to our facilities during organised retreats/events and lodging arrangements during the hunting season.