Feins or Fains (ancient name…) is an documented ancient site and leads us back to Roman civilisation when a Roman villa stood here.

The chateau sits enthroned on the territory of Dun Le Poelier since the 12th century. It was later documented in written documents and by inscriptions on the chapels and dovecote’s stone work 1546 during La Brosse family and since then many families have given birth here, thrived, loved, mourned, laughed, and passed away. It’s important to embrace the history within these walls and the land it stands on and to preserve it for further generations.
Therefore, we are emmensly happy to reveal that a book by a local historian will come out soon discovering a lot of long forgotten details about this site and it’s former owners.

The ingraved stone over the chapel’s entrance reads: ”SANS FAINS TE NE PUIS VIVERE. FAINS A TOTE CHOSE” year 1546.

Some decades ago, two Roman sarcophagus where unearthed near where the chapel stands today. For some reason they were moved to another village where they still are today. We hope we’ll succeed bringing them back home to de Fins again.

More information will be available here for those who appreciate the history of Chateau de Fins.