Our Garden

Our Park & Garden

It’s somewhere here you’ll probably find me, Jeanette -a devoted gardener at heart with more than 20 years of experience.
One of the first, and still ongoing, projects started the same week we moved in, namely in the park and gardens…
Every executed project is done to recreate or create a subtle flow wherever you walk.

We started by removing resently planted bushes and dots of small flower beds randomly scattered on the lawns, removing a mass of dead trees, old piles of logs and branches from the park, filling big holes across the lawns and clearing dense thicket along the riverbanks. Instead I’ve tried to create a sence of flow and purpose throughout the gardens and above all, an enduring historical value. The old park, the ha-ha feature, the newly added parterres and cypresses entwine in a harmonious agreement without any fuss.

One happy moment was indisputably restoring the old gateway situated in the park. Partly demolished and neglected for decades, yet the first thing you see when approaching the property, we decided to save it as soon as we could. So in December 2021 the pillars were relocated and the iron gates were again properly hung on their hinges. A very joyous moment indeed.

All the overgrowned main pathways and courtyards have been cleared from weeds and covered with new gravel. We’ve also found and unearthed lovely paving stones, perfectly layed beside and around the old buildings.

In the walled garden you will find for example the original greenhouse by Gustave Eiffel, our cut flower beds, the potager and flower meadow.

I’m combining three essential elements which are Beauty for the eye, Benefits for both us and our pollinators, and Joy for our senses.

A private collection of new perennials, seeds, bulbs, shrubs and trees have been added during these first years, many of them now developed and multiplied to adorn and exstend further areas.
It’s a great challenge to undertake such large areas and also to maintain them… It needs ongoing commitment and above all a great deal of passion.

Concidering the fact that we are only two people continuously working in the gardens & park (fields and forrest included) we’ve come a long way…

 My mission is to cultivate a sanctuary, not only for us to enjoy, but for the vital pollinators that grace the realm of flora.

Wheelchair Access

We strive to provide seamless wheelchair acccess to our walled garden. If you require any assistance during your visit, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

All About Gardens

Let yourself be inspired in abundance in your profession or for your own garden projects at home.

Upon request we can exclusively tailor a stay for groups specifically emphasized on gardens & gardening.
Within close reach, there are a number of interesting gardens to visit, everything from luscious vegetable gardens, orchards, to the most exquisite historic chateau gardens & parcs.
We recommend Al About Gardens between April to late October. This is for gardeners and garden lovers alike.

If you want to organize a trip exclusevly dedicated to gardens, you are welcome to contact us. We will be delighted to help.

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